Night-Photography - because at daylight anybody can do it!

It's an interesting field of Photography and my favourite one. For me there are two aereas of Night Photography and bringing both together is the most difficult part. On the one hand shooting the night sky with moon, stars, milkway and also some clouds - in most cases you'll also include some Rocks or Trees or complete landscape as foreground.
On the other hand I love to shoot urban environment at night, often with HDR technique and it's challeging to shoot an urban environment and get some stars with all the light pollution.

Two Milkyway-Shots from Tenrife - great place to shoot the night sky.

Startrails around the north star above the New Palace at Baureuth's Hermitage Court Garden. Processed by stacking around 200 single images with 30s exposure time.

A 7 pic HDR showing a small part of the park in my Hometown with the back of the casino - only a test shot to see if it's possible to capture stars and the really bright lights. Clearly it is - I like Night-HDRs!!

"Only" 5 Pics for this HDR right after snowfall. Friedrichstrasse Bayreuth, Germany with original buildings from the 18th century. No. 14 at the Jean-Paul Place in the back was planed by Johann David Räntz and bulid in 1735.


Fireworks (from the 2013 "Dürkheimer Wurstmarkt") - manual exposure, no second chance, which exposure time looks good? Which viewpoint is the best? This single shot was taken with 20s exposure time, so we see two fireworks paintings in one picture. The red one at the top and the two fire fountains with the nics stars because of the closed aperture.