Timelapse - The Art of Capturing Time

Why doing all the work described below instead of normal filming? Here's a film of my first project (even there're some others finished by now) and you'll see some things you do not see at normal speed:

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When capturing a video, the camara takes 30 still pictures (or 25 in Europe, 24 for cinema - don't ask why) every second. When playing the video there's one picture after the other shown - every 1/30th of a second. This is too fast for us to separate them as single pictures, so we get the illusion of seemless motion.

If your Player work with the same speed as your camera you see everything at real speed. But if your player drops e.g. every second picture or plays at a speed of 60 frames per second instead of the 30 used when capturing, you'll see everything moving twice as fast as in reality - simple, is'nt it?

Because it would be nasty to change the framerate of playback (if it's possible at all), you've to change the framerate during capturing. If you want to speed up things 30 times you've to shoot a picture every second and this is something a normal DSLR is capable for. So we've the opportunity to take hight quality pictures without any compression in a resolution much higher than standard HD with the 1920*1080 pixel. You're able to produce 4k-Video with a simple DSLR - pretty cool!

O.K. - there's some work beetween shooting and watching the video. In short: Editing the pictures with setting the normal 16:9 crop and rendering the single pictures to a videofile. And think on the time which is needed to capture e.g. moving stars. A picture every 30 seconds (you need such a long exposure to get enough light!) and you want to have a playbacktime of 20 seconds. So you need 600 frames, that's five hours capturing!

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